EMIDR is a corporate risk advisory combining cutting edge cyber technology with discrete investigative methods to solve unconventional problems. EMIDR specializes in cross-border financial crime Investigations and recovery of stolen assets.


Team members consist of highly experienced former law enforcement, military and intelligence personnel with proven track records in leading complex investigations, resulting in the successful forfeiture and recovery of significant assets in multiple jurisdictions.


Team members are the architects and operators of some of the most successful and enduring international financial crime operations in the G8. Highlights include the joint UK & US Governments’ White Collar Crime Investigation Team (WCCIT), Caribbean Financial Action Task Force, and the FBI’s Terrorist Financing Operations Section. These Initiatives alone resulted in over 600 arrests and convictions with total asset recoveries exceeding hundreds of  millions of US dollars.


EMIDR deploys big data analytics, predictive analysis and advanced link analysis techniques to identify and track criminal, terrorist, and state/non-state actors to aid in the recovery of stolen or missing assets.







EMIDR’s leadership team consists of internal management and senior Advisory Board. The team has considerable expertise regarding nation state level Kleptocracy, state sponsored Espionage, Intelligence gathering, Sanctions, Bribery & Corruption. The leadership team has been at the forefront of investigating several of the most seminal financial crimes and terrorist events of the last 30 years. This experience has led to the development of best practices and money laundering case law across multiple jurisdictions.


Bill Majcher, President & Head of Global Recovery Operations (Hong Kong)

  • Former Inspector with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police
  • 30 years of specialized covert and non-covert operations
  • Experience in financial & organized crime, money laundering, and terrorism
  • Court recognized expert on money laundering in multiple jurisdictions
  • Senior Advisor to Berkeley Research Group
Dennis Lormel

Dennis Lormel (Washington)

  • 28 years with the FBI. Specialization in complex financial investigative matters
  • Founded FBIs Terrorist Financing Operations Section
  • Chief of the FBIs Financial Crimes Program
  • DOJs Criminal Division Award
  • CIAs Award of Excellence in Counterterrorism


Rodney Callagher-OBE

Rodney Callagher-OBE (Europe & Caribbean)

  • Financial Services Adviser to the Secretary of State, FCO
  • Cleaned-up the Caribbean offshore sector and developed anti-money and anti-fraud initiatives
  • Played a key role in the formation of the Caribbean Financial Action Task Force (CFATF)
  • Helped establish US-UK White Collar Crime Investigation Team (WCCIT)
Ross Gaffney

Ross Gaffney (Caribbean & USA)

  • 27 years with the FBI
  • Developed innovative techniques to detect fraud, money laundering and asset tracing cases
  • Founded FBI’s White Collar Crime Task Force (WCCIT)
  • Led some of the FBI’s most successful money laundering and securities sting operations
Julian Russell

Julian Russell (Asia Pacific)

  • Former Detective Senior Inspector, Special Branch (intelligence analysis) Hong Kong Police
  • Former MD of US multinational risk management firm (Hong Kong & Singapore)
  • Certified Fraud Examiner
  • Transnational crime prevention, cross border crime and engineering technology specialist
  • Anacapa Sciences Criminal Intelligence Analysis



Austin Whittaker (Australasia)

  • 35 years law enforcement, military and corporate experience
  • Former MD of an international security, risk and investigations firm
  • Former NSW Police Investigator, Intelligence Analyst, Hostage Negotiator and Tactical Team Leader
  • Served with Australian Army Special Operations Forces (Commando)
  • Post Graduate Studies in International Law and Strategic Leadership

Roberto Toledo Orozco (Latin America)

  • Former Public Safety Coordinator for Colima State, Mexico 20 + years experience in Covert and Special Operations in Latin America and globally
  • Extensive front line experience combating Drug Trafficking, Money Laundering, Terrorism, Corruption, and Organized Crime.
  • Asset recovery on behalf of Government exceeds USD 1.5 billion.
  • Former Senior Security Advisor for all Nuclear facilities in Mexico.

Adam Clarke. Managing Director – Administration

  • 25 years of financial analysis and research
  • 10 years of multi-industry corporate development experience
  • AML & KYC compliance experience
  • Former Senior Managing Director of Bear Stearns


EMIDR management and advisory board have considerable experience relative to Kleptocracy, Fraud, FCPA, Sanctions, Bribery & Corruption, Intelligence Gathering and Espionage.

White Collar Crime Investigative Team (WCCIT)
Conceived and initiated a unique international White Collar Crime Investigative Team focusing on a broad spectrum of fraud, public corruption and money laundering occurring between the Caribbean, the United States and the United Kingdom. This unit operated in the Caribbean for over fifteen years on a formal and ad hoc basis successfully prosecuting more than 600 individuals and the seizure & recovery of hundreds of millions of assets.

Project “XXX”
Modernized Canada’s global covert infrastructure following the September 11th terror attacks and established the operational framework methodology for covertly bypassing AML and Financial Crime Risk controls across the world-wide financial sector.

FBI’s Terrorist Financing Operations Section
Devised, established and directed the FBI’s comprehensive terrorist financing initiative immediately following September 11 terror attacks, including the developed and implemented a variety of proactive and progressive investigative methodologies. These efforts evolved into the formation of a formal section within the Counterterrorism Division of the FBI, known as The Terrorist Financing Operations Section. This multi-agency, multi-disciplined entity attained international recognition as one of the world’s elite operations for tracking, investigating and disrupting terrorist-related financial activity.


EMIDR utilizes military-intelligence-law enforcement grade data analytics and investigation software solutions to help identify patterns of interest, anomalies, and discover new patterns. Analytical software is key in reducing investigation time and avoiding information overload, allowing investigators to focus attention on identification of targets and evidence.

Big Data
Big data analytic software is used for large institutional corruption and organized crime operations. The analytic software allows EMIDR to accelerate operations, reduce costs, reduce investigation time by avoiding information overload, allow investigators to focus attention on identification and recovery of assets and evidence.

Link Analysis
Information gathered through big data analytics is utilized with link analysis software to evaluate relationships and connections between network nodes including people, organizations and transactions. This data lays the foundation on case work allowing investigators to better refine human resource allocation.

Predictive Analytics
Analytic predictive software is used to support big data and link analysis operations to generate alternative leads and case development


EMIDR partners with both private, public-private organizations and government agencies to formulate specialized teams to execute investigations and recovery operations. These teams (as required) will coordinate with Government and Law Enforcement agencies to ensure coordination and cooperation to ensure a desired result.


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